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Criteria For Referral

We provide services to children who have experienced sexual abuse, and also to ‘secondary child victims/survivors’. These include people living with the child who has been abused, or those who are closely linked, and may have been impacted by the child’s experience. We can also provide support services for parents.

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Criteria for victims

All of the below must be met to access our services

  • There must have been some form of disclosure of sexual abuse by the child or young person
  • The child or young person must agree with the referral and feel ready to attend this service
  • The young person must be under the age of 18 years at the time of referral
  • The child or young person must not have contact with the abuser/alleged abuser
  • The child or young person is not subject to any private law proceedings regarding contact with the abuser
  • The abuse must have been reported to the Police and/or Children and Young Peoples Services
  • The environment in which the child or young person lives must be safe enough for support work to begin
  • The child or young person must have a safe adult to support them while they undergo this service
  • The child must live in an area for which we are funded
  • If the child or young people has moderate to severe mental health needs, they must be accessing or on a waiting list for mental health services

Our criteria for the secondary victim to receive this support service

  • The child has been affected by the abuse of their sibling
  • The child has been affected by their parent/carer being imprisoned for sexually abusing other children


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