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1 in 10 children in the UK experience sexual abuse before the age of 16 – that’s the equivalent of THREE children in EVERY classroom. But because victims feel too scared or embarrassed to seek help, it’s not freely talked about … in fact 1 in 3 children who have been abused, never disclose and so it remains hidden.

As part of the new campaign, Brave Futures is promoting photographs and messages from children, adults and celebrities to bring the subject more into the open. It’s hoped that this will help to dispel the myth that the biggest danger is from strangers, when in fact, it’s much closer to home. Over 90% of child abuse is carried out by someone who is known to the family.

Over the next three months, Brave Futures will be covering topics such as grooming, impact, the symptoms and effects of child sexual abuse, how to empower children to talk to someone they trust and how the charity helps children move from victim to survivor.

1 in 10 Captured

We need you to stand with us. Send us your photos or post them to social media using the #1in10campaign and tag us. We need everyone to know the prevalence of child sexual abuse, it’s closer than you think.

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